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1. Loving somebody is not easy. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of patience. Be patient.

2. Sometimes it’s hard to say how you feel. I get it, I really do. It leaves you vulnerable and that’s never an easy thing to do.

3. Listen to the small things they say, it usually means the most.

4. No matter how good or bad a situation is, it will change.

5. When you love someone, you fall in love with all of your favorite things. You must also fall in love with every thing you fucking hate about them.

6. If you love them, you must love all of them. Nobody wants to be loved with only half a heart.

7. Just be fucking honest. Speak your mind, but watch your words. Sometimes the smallest ones hit the deepest.

8. Space always helps. Give each other space sometimes. Eventually they’ll come around.

9. If they want to break up, never let them leave without a fight.

10. There are going to be bad days. A lot of them.

11. There will also be very good days. Many of them, I’m sure of it.

12. You may never agree 100% on everything, and that’s okay. It’s good to butt heads sometimes and listen to each other’s opinions.

13. You will never find a perfect partner. Stop looking for one and enjoy their flaws.

14. Get comfortable with each other.

15. Lay in bed together, all day, watch movies until your eyes hurt from staring at the screen.

16. Spend time with each other’s families. It will mean a lot.

17. Don’t let one fight ruin months worth of building a relationship. Just don’t.

18. Don’t be too proud to stop talking and just listen to each other.

19. Always, Always, encourage them to chase their dreams.

20. Don’t talk for a day or two, you’ll realize how often you think of them and it will become more noticeable. It’ll make you miss them like hell, and that’s good.

21. Surprise them at nine in the morning when they’re still in a deep sleep.

22. Touch each other’s faces, literally, play with it. It’ll eventually become a habit and will be something special.

23. You can never remind them enough how much you love them.

24. Don’t forget their birthday, ever.

25. Teach them to love themselves as much as you love them. It’ll help them be able to be more confident with themselves.

26. Sometimes they’ll close up. Don’t always try to be so pushy about it. Just remind them that it’s okay to open up and it’s okay to share things with each other. Let them know that they can get comfortable.

27. Always make them feel at home.

28. Shower together. Maybe you’ll fall in love with your own body by seeing your partner be overfilled with passion as they stare at yours.

29. Create fun ways to kiss. Fish kisses, Eskimo, plain-sweet-and simple kisses.

30. Always kiss them like you mean it.

31. Fall in love with each other’s voices, because then when you leave it’ll be the thing you lose first.

32. Take pictures together. A lot. One day you will look back at them and remember exactly where you were and how you felt.

33. Love them like hell. I do not say this lightly, love them like fucking hell. Don’t let them forget you.

34. Passion changes everything

35. When you first fall in love it’s supposed to feel awful. Awful, uncertain, scary, wonderful, confusing, all at once. But that’s when you know it’s real. You have to care deeply. Passionately. That hurts.

35 things I learned when I was in love (via moonlesstides)

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1. Those tigers look thin.

2. Zoos are fucking stupid.

3. Capturing wild animals and using them for human entertainment is a super shitty thing to do.

4. This is not cool.

This is abuse and horrible.  Zoos are prisons.

Some zoos only take old animals to where they are given an easy life. Their maintenance is funded by people coming into the zoo.

Those tigers are not thin.

"Zoos are fucking stupid" wow such science you sold me

They weren’t captured for this purpose, they probably weren’t captured at all, it’s called rescuing. 

This is cool.

This is not abuse, it’s actually exercise if you think about it.

Zoos are not prisons. Zoos allow us to rescue animals, research them, and protect them from hunters and the dangers that we, as humans, impose on them.

I’m so done with all the shit about zoos on my fucking dash. 

Zoos literally save animals every day so why don’t you do your freaking research.

This comment is perfect^

Animals come to zoos as a result of 

  • being born captive
  • getting injured in the wild and rescued to live a healthy life in captivity
  • being rescued from black market dealers, private collectors, or the like who decide that they can no longer care for the animals or who had been illegally keeping the animals
  • being in a breeding program to increase their numbers because the animal is endangered in the wild

If you knew anything about tigers at all, you’d know that they are endangered in the wild due to poaching and hunting. It is of utmost importance that their numbers increase, or they will go extinct within the next fifty years. I don’t know what zoo this is so I don’t know their reputation, but the tigers look healthy, and this tug-of-war is good for them because some animals get stressed in zoos when they are bored. This isn’t solely to entertain zoo guests, it is to give the tigers something fun to do.

Zoos do not snatch animals from the wild without a good reason. If you want to protest animal captivity, go to SeaWorld and protest the orcas being kept there, they are far too large to belong in such cramped spaces and they are solely kept for entertainment.

Thank you and good day.


Tigers play just like domestic cats play with each other, this is for the educational benefit of the visitors and the enrichment benefit of the tigers. Also word to the comment above. Tigers are endangered to the point that they cannot repopulate themselves in the wild, they need the help of captive institutions like zoos, where they live carefree lives free of stress and can breed and birth without fear that other predators and mating competitors will come along and eat their cubs.

Furthermore, these tigers are NOT thin. In fact, one of the ones in the large group looks borderline obese. People who know nothing about animals need to stop talking about animals.

Boosting the shit out of this because I’m so damn tired of whiney morons (who probably never get outside) bitching about animal’s rights when they really have no fucking clue.


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